Representing You During Contested Guardianship Issues

Challenges to guardianships are common. Family members often disagree about the best method or person to care for a loved one. Allegations of abuse or neglect can also occur. In certain instances, accusations arise that the guardian has improperly spent the guardianship money. These challenges require an immediate response. If left unresolved, disputes fester among friends and family members. More importantly, your loved one may not receive the kind of care he or she needs and deserves.

We resolve disputes and make certain there is continuing focus on the needs of the elderly or incapacitated person. Our attorneys also provide guidance to courts in making determinations about what is in your loved one's best interest by serving as ad litem attorneys.

Attorneys Resolving Contested Guardianship Matters

Guardians have a great deal of responsibility. The guardian must keep the guardianship's finances in order and meet the ward's medical care needs.

Unfortunately, the guardian is often blamed if anything goes wrong. We represent guardians in the event guardianship disputes or challenges arise. We resolve disputes — usually without having to go to court. We understand the law pertaining to guardianships, including a guardian's rights and responsibilities. When necessary, we develop a strategy acceptable to all parties for taking care of the disabled person.

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