When Family Orders Require Modification

When circumstances change, you may need to modify your child custody or child support arrangement. Sometimes there's a medical crisis or a loss of a job resulting in less household money. As children grow older, their needs also change. There are even instances where family members plan on relocating the children when moving out of state.

The Law Office of Denise D. Nordheimer, Esquire, LLC, handles challenging post-judgment modifications of family law matters involving alimony/spousal support, child custody and visitation and child support matters.

Sensitive Handling Of Issues Involving Children

When legal issues involve children, we always need to take the child's best interests into account. Existing orders must reflect current conditions so that there is a continual meeting of the child's needs. Difficulties arise when the two parents have different opinions concerning what is in the best interests of the children.

As an experienced family law modifications lawyer, Marta M. Dybowski can help you keep existing family law orders current. She understands the Delaware Family Court requirements for modifying orders. More importantly, she provides creative solutions acceptable to each party. As she clearly and patiently explains the details of the solution, she also brings about agreement. The skill she applies to your particular situation reduces or even eliminates the contentiousness.

Understanding All Of Your Legal Options

We are here to serve you. At our office, we have an extremely caring and passionate family law attorney who wants to make your circumstances better. She will advise you on whether modification of existing orders is the right option for you.

It's because of the care we provide that so much of our business comes from referrals by former clients and attorney peers. We provide high-quality and affordable legal representation.

Setting Up An Appointment With Our Family Law Attorney

For an initial consultation to discuss a modification of an existing family law order, please contact The Law Office of Denise D. Nordheimer, Esquire, LLC, by calling 302-655-4500. Our office is located in Wilmington, Delaware.