Wilmington Lawyers Helping You Create Your Trust

Trusts are tools used for a variety of purposes including transferring assets to beneficiaries without first having to go through probate. Though setting up trusts potentially saves you time and money, Delaware law contains a number of complex requirements regarding trust preparation and administration.

Lawyer Denise D. Nordheimer has an in-depth understanding of Delaware trust law. Our attorneys can assist you with the creation of a trust or with modifications to existing trusts.

Our attorneys are especially familiar with Delaware directed trusts, reformation or decanting of a Delaware trust and what makes such Delaware trusts unique. Our lawyers represent corporate or individual trustees to assist with their fiduciary responsibilities such as preparing and filing trust accountings, managing distributions to beneficiaries and otherwise administering a trust.

Understanding The Different Kinds Of Trusts

No single type of trust will meet everyone's needs. We first need to examine your individual circumstances before deciding what type of trust will work best for you.

A revocable trust, for example, is subject to change until the person creating it dies. Additionally, trusts may be set up for the special needs of children. We can also include spendthrift provisions in your trust that will control the distribution of money from a trust benefiting children or people with challenging spending habits.

The attorneys at The Law Office of Denise D. Nordheimer, Esquire, LLC assist you in making the right decisions. We cater to your needs and address every issue, large or small. Our assistance prevents mistakes when creating a trust or during the trust administration process.

Providing Answers To Your Legal Questions

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