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Assisting You At Every Stage Of The Guardianship Administration Process

By becoming a guardian, you are performing a tremendous service for an individual requiring assistance. However, the requirements accompanying guardianship administration tend to be overwhelming when coupled with providing necessary care to your loved one. For example, the guardian may be unable to spend funds to pay taxes and other expenses without first gaining court approval. Guardians are also required to make important medical decisions involving day-to-day care and file annual accountings with the court.

We can help you through the process of administering a guardianship. Lawyer Denise D. Nordheimer shall assist at every stage, from making certain approval for a guardianship is granted to handling the ongoing reporting requirements for the guardianship.

Helping You Perform Your Duties

We provide a tremendous depth of knowledge and skill dealing with issues related to this specialized area. Our goal is to help make the tasks you are required to perform easier.

Our attorneys help guardians meet Delaware’s annual reporting requirements. We can help you through the complicated process by making certain all records are in order. With great attention to detail, our attorneys make certain there is efficient management of assets. We also assist with ensuring that the guardianship has a reasonable budget to track and manage expenses.

We are there for you. Our firm has access to resources to assist you in making the appropriate medical determinations for the disabled person. If necessary, we can continue to help you locate experienced and supportive caregivers and medical providers.

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