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Why you should not hide money in a divorce

On Behalf of | Sep 24, 2020 | Family law

Delaware spouses may be tempted to hide marital assets during a divorce in order to walk away with more money and property. The best advice for people who are considering that course of action is to stop thinking about it. The consequences that you would face if you were caught are serious enough to not hide assets.

Divorce lawyers can spot hiding

Divorce lawyers are trained to go through the financial documentation to look for evidence of asset hiding. They can spot the telltale signs. If they suspect that assets are being hidden, they will know to ask more questions. They will go to the judge if they think that they are getting incomplete answers. A persistent lawyer will be able to prove that you are hiding money or property.

The consequences if you are caught

Courts can punish spouses in a variety of ways if caught. They can penalize the spouse hiding money by awarding them less of the marital estate. The court can also impose lawyer’s fees on the spouse. The judge can even reopen the divorce after the case if it finds that you lied during the divorce. In any event, the court will mistrust someone that is proven dishonest for the rest of the proceedings. This can carry through to other matters, even if it is not the determining factor.

If you suspect that your estranged spouse is hiding property, an asset division lawyer may be able to help you follow the money trail in the case. Attorneys could request additional information in discovery or go to the court with their suspicions.