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How an adult guardianship works

On Behalf of | Nov 5, 2020 | Family law

Whether the cause is some accident that caused seriously debilitating injuries or the onset of a highly debilitating illness, adults sometimes lose the ability to take care of themselves. When that happens, an adult guardianship might be the best tool for ensuring ongoing support for the afflicted adult. Some Delaware families have similar guardianships in place to ensure that vulnerable family members are protected.

Benefits of appointing a guardian

The many benefits of adult guardianships include ensuring that the protected adult enjoys a reasonably good life. When considering whom to appoint as the guardian, it is important to ensure that person knows the adult well, fully understands that adult’s needs and is capable of making reasonable decisions.

Different situations require different solutions

No two adult guardianships are exactly the same. That is because no two people or situations are exactly alike. While some similarities might exist, ultimately, each case has its own requirements for ongoing support, medical care and other needs that are unique to that person and situation. A guardianship does take away at least some of the individual’s rights and freedoms by placing legal limitations upon their daily activities. The idea is to prevent the adult from making bad decisions due to reduced mental and physical abilities.

Full vs. limited guardianships

Adult guardianships are either full or limited. A full guardianship completely controls the adult’s life and determines the types of activities in which the adult may participate. A limited guardianship enables more freedoms but still ensures that the adult’s basic needs are met and assets are protected. An experienced attorney in Delaware may help you assess an adult’s situation and determine if a full or limited guardianship might be the best way to ensure a relatively stable standard of living.