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Three invaluable tips for navigating joint custody

On Behalf of | Sep 28, 2021 | Family law

Joint custody needn’t be difficult. If both parents approach the situation with grace and prioritize their children’s well-being, co-parenting can be a smooth and fulfilling experience. Here are three joint custody tips for newly divorced parents in Delaware.

Make transitions easy for your child

Kids pick up on tension and drama, which can harm their mental health, so aim to keep transitions low-key. Some parents may think that supersizing drop-offs and pick-ups signals affection, but dramatic goodbyes and welcomes aren’t helpful. They’re stressful and drain emotional energy. Instead, consider going with just a quick hug, kiss and “I love you.”

Stick to established routines and standards

Human brains thrive on routine to help cope with life’s perpetual waterfall of decisions and provide stability. There’s a benefit to maintaining daily regimens, which is why many family law attorneys urge clients to put the details of the children’s routine in writing for clarity’s sake.

When developing co-parenting schedules and rules, make sure you agree on things like bedtime, diet, screen time, homework and hanging out with friends. Sticking to standards helps establish boundaries and define acceptable behavior. Plus, it mitigates the possibility of one house being more “fun” than the other.

Improve your communication

People who communicate well also tend to co-parent well. Yes, you may harbor a deep distaste for something your former partner once did or said. However, if you want to make the divorce manageable for the kids, learning how to respectfully and peacefully communicate with your ex is a must.

Families dealing with abuse or substance dependency may need to go in a different direction. But those who can accommodate a healthy joint custody schedule should strive to keep things amicable and steady. It’s almost always better for everyone involved, especially the children.