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How to mediate estate disputes in Delaware

On Behalf of | Oct 7, 2021 | Estates and Trusts Mediation

Estate and trust disputes are never easy to go through. From family litigation to malpractice claims, these forms of legal disagreements come with both emotional and financial consequences for everybody involved.

Working with a mediator is an important step in preventing the cycle of estate disputes from continuing. This is something to keep in mind for those who are already in the midst of an existing dispute. For cases where there are brewing conflicts between family members regarding estate and trust, mediation is the best way to reconcile the issue.

Someone you can tell the whole story to

Mediators work with attorneys to create an estate and trust mediation solution that works for everyone. While the attorney is in the driver’s seat, the mediator has the critical job of assisting them to fulfill clients’ needs. By speaking with each party separately and confidentially, these professionals are able to paint a fuller, more accurate picture of each client’s situation.

It’s crucial that anyone working with a mediator is fully forthright and accurate in their depiction of the situation. Mediators who are forced to go off of errant information have little to no chance of resolving disputes effectively.

Following through with estate and trust mediation is essential for the process to be effective. Some people talk with an estate planning attorney and don’t follow up, choosing to ignore the complex challenges that the interview raised. A mediator helps to bring all these issues to light and serve as a bridge between the client and the attorney.

It’s far easier than people realize for family members to misunderstand one another. Effective mediation reveals the hidden issues that relatives hold from each other for various reasons. One example is an individual who is holding onto a business with the hopes of passing it on to their child, but the child secretly doesn’t wish to inherit the business. This is crucial information when solving estate disputes, and mediators are trained to uncover it.

It may seem impossible to mediate estate disputes when they can be among the most contentious and emotionally charged legal arguments. This makes it all the more important to work with a mediator to give yourself the best possible chance of reconciliation.