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Protecting your family’s finances through estate planning

On Behalf of | Apr 4, 2022 | Estate planning

Creating a last will and testament is not the one and only task of planning an estate in Delaware. You have to consider every legal action that could significantly decrease or increase your family’s income if you’re no longer around. It’s important to develop effective strategies to safeguard your family’s estate now and for the future.

Plan at any stage of life

The estate planning process should begin as early as possible and can occur at any age. Every member of the family who earns an income must have a will. Even if the person is young or has a low income, as long as there are money and assets there, it’s necessary to have an estate plan in place.

Name the right executor

Naming the right executor is important to prevent the mishandling of your personal finances and private records. It’s advisable to choose someone who is morally and financially responsible instead of choosing someone solely because he or she is a close family member.

Name the right beneficiaries

Naming beneficiaries is another important strategy to ensure that your loved ones inherit your personal assets after your death. Naming your list carefully is important because no one’s name can be removed after your death.

Avoid unnecessary taxes

You can avoid paying estate taxes or gift taxes when you do your research carefully. In Delaware, avoid paying a gift tax by gifting a maximum amount of $16,000 each year.

Protecting your family’s financial future

Estate planning is more important than most people think, but it’s often ignored; many families do not want to discuss the difficult topics of death, taxes and aging even with their closest family members. Protecting your family’s long-term finances starts by building a well-developed estate plan.