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What to avoid in an adult guardianship

On Behalf of | Aug 5, 2022 | Adult guardianship

Adult guardianship is a difficult subject. You want what is best for the adult in your life. However, you want them to keep their dignity and not feel abandoned.

To avoid certain pitfalls, there are several things you must consider. Continue reading to learn more about establishing guardianship and what to avoid.

Establish a flexible plan

Guardianships are a continuous balance. The initial plan might have to change according to the ward’s needs. Make sure the guardian is willing to adapt. For example, if the ward demonstrates an increased ability to take care of themselves, your guardian should allow more decision-making ability.

Allow as much freedom as possible

A guardian’s job is not to restrict freedom. On the contrary, their goal should be to allow as much growth and independence as possible without endangering their ward. Unfortunately, guardian abuse does happen even if it is not malicious. According to the National Center on Elder Abuse, monitoring guardian abuse is complex, and no reliable figures exist which indicate the extent of the problem. Therefore, communication between you, your loved one and the guardian must be consistent and often.

Expect quick responses

If your guardian does not respond to requests for information, you must strongly consider changing the caretaker. Incompetence is not something you can tolerate on any level.

Avoiding these issues requires a certain amount of diligence and care. Consult with several different professionals to get multiple opinions before you commit to a guardianship. You want what is best for your loved one, so do not take shortcuts or settle for anything less than the optimal situation.