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Tips to protect your estate from a will contest

On Behalf of | Apr 13, 2023 | Estate planning

Grief can cause people to make choices and take actions that they otherwise would not. One such action comes when family members contest a will either out of an emotional reaction or due to misunderstandings.

You can reduce the risk of your will facing a contest by incorporating a few specific elements in your final estate plan.

Address everyone directly

One common mistake in estate plans is believing that it is best to avoid mentioning people you choose to disinherit. This actually leaves your will vulnerable to a contest. If you disinherit someone, address them by name in the will and state your intention that they receive nothing.

Include letters of explanation

Sometimes, family members contest a will because they feel hurt by the choices that you made. You can reduce this risk by writing personal letters of explanation to each of your loved ones to reinforce the reasoning behind your decisions. It can also help to have conversations personally with everyone after you write your will along with including the letters to reinforce the information.

Record a video

One common challenge for a contested will is that the deceased was coerced or not of sound mind. Create a video when you draft your will so that you clearly illustrate your mental state and your wishes.

Protect your estate plan and the wishes defined in your will by taking the proper steps to reinforce your information. These tips help to reduce the risk of a contest because you create evidence to negate the most common claims.