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Reliable And Personalized Legal Services In Estate Planning And Trust Mediation

At The Law Office of Denise D. Nordheimer, Esquire, LLC, in Delaware, we help clients with estate planning and probate matters, from early drafting to  more complex administration. In the case of disputed matters, we also assist by providing thoughtful and productive mediation services.

Assistance To Resolve Disputes, Dedicated Services To Assist Decision-Making

An experienced mediator can work with the parties to resolve matters efficiently thus avoiding costly litigation and providing closure. Our goal for every matter is to develop fully personalized solutions and bring certainty to our clients.

How Can A Mediator Help Me?

A mediator can help you reach binding agreements in situations where there is a dispute that will otherwise go before a court. A mediator meets with the parties, reviews their respective legal and equitable arguments, provides insight into their respective positions, and guides a discussion toward a goal of resolution. A successful mediation will settle all outstanding issues and allow the parties to move forward in their matter and most importantly, in their lives.

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Let us discuss your situation and mediation needs and review your options through an honest and detailed evaluation. Call our offices in Wilmington or Milton at 302-504-4687 to schedule a virtual or in-person appointment. Our secure contact form is also available to schedule your consultation.