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Documenting Your Health Care Wishes

It is uncomfortable to think about becoming incapacitated in the years ahead. However, taking the time to document your health care wishes today can help you feel more confident about what the future holds.

Our attorneys at The Law Office of Denise D. Nordheimer, Esquire, LLC, have extensive experience drafting and revising a variety of estate planning instruments, including advanced health care directives. Also known as a living will, this document allows individuals to clearly state their medical wishes and appoints another person to make medical decisions if they are unable to do so.

Tailoring Your Living Will To Address Your Concerns

Living will templates abound online. However, relying on a generic document is dangerous because hospitals and courts may not follow the directives provided. Living wills must comply with state law, and this may not be the case for forms found on the Internet.

Also, information in living wills must be accurate. Mistakes may remain undiscovered until incapacity actually occurs and it’s too late to act. The only option at that point is for a court to step in and appoint a guardian — a process that can prove extremely expensive.

Our attorneys are well-versed in Pennsylvania and Delaware laws that identify the types of directives that health care providers and institutions respect. When you share your health care concerns with us, we shall find solutions that address these issues. We invite our clients and their family members to participate in these discussions so there are no surprises about end-of-life care.

As your advocate, we shall facilitate a frank, yet compassionate, conversation about palliative care, medical intervention and your legal options. We shall prepare your living will correctly, precisely and in accordance with the law to make sure you, your agent and your health care provider all understand your wishes regarding your medical care.

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